Our server will be taken into a maintenance at 17.00 Server Time. The maintenance will take approx 1.5 hours.

Note: The client will be updated with the maintenance. After maintenance is complete, you have update your client via launcher.

Patch Notes

- Applied some performance improvements.
- Added Jupiter Map as an extra mob spot. (filled with 85-87s)
- Added Hang-A unique at Jupiter Map. (Same stats & drops with Battle Golem)
- Made some changes to trader rates. Trading is now much more profitable.
- Added Battle Arena. (details below)
- Fixed problems with Survival Arena. Survival Arena will be working starting of today.
- Fixed problem with Item Mall. (Crashing issue)

Best Regards,
Black Pearl Online Team

Battle Arena Hours
& Details

Random Score 18:00
Guild Score 20:00
Job Score 22:00

Winning Team 3 Ticket
Losing Takım 1 Ticket
IP Limit 1

What can you get with these tickets?

GM's Arena Chest: You can purchase this chest from Faiq, in exchange of 20 tickets.

What does Arena Chest contain?

Item Quantity
Premium 1
Immortal Stone 1 ~ 3
Astral Stone 1 ~ 3
Global 11
Stat Reset Scroll 1
Skill Reset Scroll 1
Name Change Scroll 1
Grab Pets 1
HP Poition XL 10.000
MP Poition XL 10.000
Switcher 1
Rare Switcher 1
Sp Ticket 1
Elixir Weapon 50
Elixir Protector 50
Elixir Shield 50
Elixir Accessory 50

Jupiter Map
& Hang-A Details

New Map
& Hang-A Spawn Points


Jupiter Reverse

Trader Rates
are increased

New Project:
Infinity Arena!

This project is currently being worked on and you will see it first time in Black Pearl Stardust.

- Solo Random
- Job Collision will be available options.

NOT: Not available yet, will make it to the next maintenance.

- Both teams have one goal: Kill the strong unique in the middle and get those juicy drops! However there will be some difficulties in the path! Teams will cross in the middle and will face each other, while unique is waiting for them.