Our server undergoing a mantienance on 28.11.2017 at 17:00 GMT +3 by Turkey time. The maintenance would last 1 hour apx.

Info: A patch will be applied to the game. After the maintenance completed please open launcher without bot and let it update the game, afterwards you can login via your bots.

Patch Notes:

- Various performance work done and some minor issues fixed.
- The entrance to the Downhang Cave re-arranged so that you will only be able to enter via job and 90 Lv mobs added. (See details at below.)
- A new unique has been added to the Downhang Cave. (It will be spawned every 4 hours.)
- Downhang Cave chest drops raised to 5x.
- Devil's Garden added. (See details at below)
- Survival Arena re-activated and some changes has been made. (See details at below.)
- The spawn time unstability of Demon fixed.
- According to the poll results conducted on our facebook page trace enabled for trading system.


Downhang Cave > Job Cave !

You can enter to Downhang Cave only in Job mode. You can not teleport to DW Cave via reverse. In case of need you can create a script for your bot.

P.S.: Downhang Cave chest drops raised to 5x

İçeriye girdiğinizde en üst odaya teleport olursunuz. Düşman jobtaki kişileri öldürmek veya savaşmak için karşı tarafa en alt odaya inerek geçebilirsiniz.

When you enter to the Cave you will teleport to the top floor. By killing enemies in job mode or fighting you can cross over to the bottom floor.

P.S.: You can find 90 level mobs in here also and get 89/90 items.

Rage Cloud

It spawns again every 4 hours after it is killed. It drops 1 Ruby Chest.

Devil's Garden

- Devil's Garden has an entry limit of 1 per character per day.

- You must have a party at least with 2 players to enter here.

- There are 4 uniqs inside. The Guardian, King Arthur, Robin Hood and Spartacus

- Bu Uniqueler sırasıyla kesildikçe bir sonrakinin kapısı açılmaktadır.

As these Uniqs got killed in order, the door of the next one opens.

What will you get from Devil's Garden?

Unique Drop
The Guardian 1x Bronze Chest
King Arthur 1x Silver Chest
Robin Hood 1x Golden Chest
Spartacus 1x Ruby Chest

P.S.: These Uniques has normal characters appearance. Each level they gets stronger.

The Guardian

King Arthur

Robin Hood


Survival Arena

- To enter the Survival Arena you must get a ticket for 5 silk from Good's Seller Faiq NPC.

- The last player standing in the Arena wins silks that all participants spent for the enterance +100 silks by game.

About Fortress War

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